I’m not a trend setter or a trend follower; I have my own fashion sense that’s completely independent of what’s splashing across Instagram — although I am very in favor of the pastel hair dye trend.

Why I’ll Never Give Up My 90s Bangs

Some people would say my bangs make me look younger and I should grow them out, but I disagree. My bangs don’t magically change my appearance, but my forehead feels naked without them.


ABBA Is Reuniting For A High-Tech Tour In 2018!

The magical ‘70s Swedish pop band just announced plans for a “Virtual and Live Experience,” which is possibly the most ABBA thing I have ever heard of.

Image: CC Wikipedia

Bette Midler Just Won Halloween — And It Isn’t Even Halloween Yet

I think the new definition of success is dressing up as your own movie character for Halloween to internet-wide acclaim.

Screenshot of Andrew Bird's perfect, perfect fingers strumming away at his perfect, perfect cover.

Andrew Bird & Matt Berninger Have Made The Perfect "Perfect Day" Cover

This must be the week for covers that make everybody cry.

Backstreet MEN (Credit: Facebook)

In Honor Of Backstreet Boys Documentary, Let's Go Back (Alright!)

These five jams changed the world forever. Or at least my pubescent life.


Celebrate Maya Angelou (and Love) with this Luscious Poem

Ms. Angelou may be gone, but her stirring words live on.


Feel Boob-Sagging Old Right Now: Watch These Kids React to Antiquated Walkmans

How cool were you, chilling with your Walkman on the bus back in the day? So. Damn. Awesome. Alas, technology improves too quickly for us to share our finer moments of fleeting youth...with today's youth.


It's Not Thursday, But We're Throwing it Back: Behold! The Giver Movie Trailer Revealed!

Throwback to your 8th grade reading list—in the awesomest way possible