Feel Boob-Sagging Old Right Now: Watch These Kids React to Antiquated Walkmans

How cool were you, chilling with your Walkman on the bus back in the day? So. Damn. Awesome. Alas, technology improves too quickly for us to share our finer moments of fleeting youth...with today's youth.

Or children, to be exact. Face it: these tech-savvy little dum-dums don't think you're awe worthy for listening to Nirvana through foam-encased plastic shaped roughly like the sad remains of a balding Princess Leia's epic two-bunned hairdo. 

Anyway, in the continuing series of "Kids React" videos comes this gem: "Kids React to Walkmans." It features (spoiler alert!) children looking at cassette players and tapes and generally feeling confused and decidedly underwhelmed with its design.

How did we ever survive with something so basic? The horror! Might wanna grab some diet popcorn and anti-wrinkle cream for this one.

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