These cucumbers are a euphemism! Or a sex toy all on their own — your choice!

Need Sex Toys? There's A Subscription Box For That

It’s all the fun of getting new stuff without all the hassle of driving, parking, going into a store, experiencing sensory overload, and walking out with a bag full of items that closely resemble items you purchased the last time you decided to go shopping.


Cuddle Clones Plush Toys Take Pet Obsession To New Heights

You know how people get attached to their pets? Obsessed even? Crazily, weirdly, freakishly obsessed even?


Alexandra Fine & Janet Lieberman: Sex Toy Innovators

pleasure gap closers. engineers. dame products founders.


New GoldieBlox Video Challenges Beauty Standards—But Is Everyone Really "Beautiful"?

Instead of pretending everyone can be beautiful (they can't), why not challenge the very value of beauty?

It even looks friendly

Engineer/Psychologist Power-Duo Design New Hands-Free Vibrator

Meet Eva: developed by two badass babes.


Teddy Love: The Stuffed Animal Sex Toy of our Worst Nightmares

Teddy Love is a stuffed toy with a magic tongue. So not OK.