World War II veterans suffered acutely at the hands of a society intent on a single conformist vision of life that did not include mental illness. (Image of Pat courtesy of the author.)

When Veterans Come Home: My Grandfather And His Demons

I'm trying to unearth the secrets of my grandfather’s story of when veterans come home. I'm looking at what happened to the men of WW ll.

Ummmmmm. Can you not?

NRSC Tweets & Deletes Tasteless Joke About Senator Tammy Duckworth

One hopes that the tweet was composed by a 19-year-old intern who thought it would make his frat buddies laugh when he goes back for the fall semester. One also hopes that an adult sent said intern packing the minute he clicked “tweet.”


Surgeons To Attempt First Penis Transplant In The US

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD are planning to attempt the first US penis transplant. The surgery will be performed on a soldier who was wounded in Afghanistan.


"He Doesn't Talk": A Real-Life Run-in With A Veteran

“He served in Iraq. Three years.” The pudgy man pointed to his friend next to him, and the friend nodded over his beer.

Credit: Google+

Veterans Group Slams Fox News For Sexist 'Boobs On The Ground' Comment—And It's Amazing

Usually we try to ignore Fox News. But this epic takedown was too good to pass up.


Ravishly Mixtape Vol. 4—American Anthems for Memorial Day Weekend

We made you a mixtape . . . of "All American" tunes to un-ironically toast a Bud to.