Victoria's Secret

What offends you, ABC?

Is Fat Too Sexy For TV? Lane Bryant VS Victoria's Secret

In today's Fat Can't Possibly Be Sexy news: Lane Bryant. Network TV. Underwear. Fat Phobia.

At long last, a commercial that celebrates the outside-the-(TV)-box female form, and of course, in their historically misogynistic fashion, the networks won't air it.

What offends you, ABC? Is it my fat rolls? My cellulite? My body nourishing my infant? The space I occupy in general?


Stars Turn To Short Hair To Make A Big Statement

Short hair is big news this week.


Dear Macy's And Victoria's Secret: Why Don't You Carry Mastectomy Bras?

I’m boycotting you until you start recognizing breast cancer survivors like me by carrying mastectomy bras.

Tyra & Tyra. Courtesy of, Giana's phone

12-Year-Old Shares Why Tyra Banks Is Her Role Model

Meet Tyra from Oakland: She admires Tyra Banks . . . and not just because they share a name.

Mystery solved ... was there a mystery? Courtesy of, Twitter

Sophia Loren, Jane Mansfield And The Power Of Boob Envy

This famous photo reveals a not-so-surprising truth: Women are jealous of each other's boobs.

Wow, it's almost like she's a real girl with real feelings. Who knew? (Credit: Facebook)

Is Taylor Swift Gay? It's None of Our Business

According to gossip-mongers, Swift may be involved with model Karlie Kloss. BS or not, whatever happened to privacy in the bedroom?

Ummm, did the token Asian call in sick? Courtesy of Colleen Criss

Why Dove's "Real" Beauty Campaign is a Load of Crap

A father began a petition asking Dove to fess up to their Photoshopping. Request? Denied.