Vladimir Putin

Reporters, prepare to be shushed. (Image Credit: Michael Vadon / Flickr)

Donald Trump Is Donald Trump: Notes On His First Press Conference As President-elect

Will every story that Trump doesn’t approve of get the “fake news” label, its authors permanently blacklisted forever?

Yeah, that's Steven Seagal (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

Just A Few Ways Politicians Dropped The Ball Today

One question here: why is a major government agency unable to fix its Twitter account for over a year? Two questions: Who is Marc Rich?

Alright, cast your vote already! Courtesy of Lesbian Gay Whisperer

Russian Butt Pageant Quietly Undermines Putin's Anti-Gay Agenda

Kelly, can you handle it? Michelle, can you handle it? Vladimir Putin can you handle it?


This Week in Hillary-World: Memoir Bombshells, Putin Sexism and a Silly People Controversy

With a carefully staged interview and People magazine cover, this week seemed to be laying the groundwork for an announcement.


Russia's Gorgeous Gay Lil' Secret: All Hail Putin

We're all familiar with Russia's gay ban (hellllllo awkward Olympics).