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Stick It To The Homophobes: Why My Lesbian Wedding Will Be Unapologetically Over-The-Top

I suddenly understood why I felt this intense pressure to make my lesbian wedding so wildly spectacular — to stick to the homophobes.

 I didn’t realize was how much planning a wedding would teach me about friendship.

What Getting Married Is Teaching Me About Friendship ​

When my soon-to-be-husband proposed I knew wedding planning would teach me about our relationship. I didn’t realize it would teach me about friendship.

I have so much anxiety over my engagement.

Anxiety and Engagement: When Your Wedding Is Stressing You Out

Whenever anyone asks me about wedding details, I smile and say we’re working on it while I silently freaking out. I have so much anxiety over my engagement.

Seeing as I didn’t have any firm idea of what I wanted the dress to look like, I figured it’d be easier. Ha! Image: Scott Webb/Unsplash.

Becoming Bride: The Dress

A week or so ago I started shopping for a wedding dress, and guess what? Shopping for a wedding dress sucks!

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Ravish Me This . . . Top 5 Reads Of The Week

Pin-up fashion help. Sex-talk with kids. And accidentally "fluffing" a porn star. Being a woman is amazing.