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Internet Denounces Cosby, Shrugs At Woody Allen Directing New Show

What gives, Internet? Are we gonna do this whole holding-our-heroes-accountable thing or what? Read...
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New Bill Cosby Biography Conveniently Ignores Allegations Of Rape

A new book has entirely omitted a sexual assault lawsuit against the iconic star. Read...
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A Napa home damaged by the earthquake (Credit: Alvin Jornada/EPA)

This Is What Your First Earthquake Feels Like

Yesterday morning, I was shaken by the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that struck the Bay Area. Read...
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Watch: Celebrating When Harry Met Sally's 25th Birthday With a Certain Restaurant Scene

Let's celebrate the film that taught us how to fake orgasms. Even though, ladies: we should really stop faking orgasms. Read...
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Dear Internet Randos: You Have No Idea What Really Happened Between Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow

We finally have an answer in the tragedy involving Read...
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Bahbwa Rants on Behalf of Woody's (Allegedly) Child-Molesting Ways: Stirs Online Sh*t Storm

Unless you’ve just returned from trekking the lost trails of Patagonia, you’ve managed to catch wind of the resurfacing of Woody Allen’s murky
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