I had to change my relationship with food.

How Breaking My Jaw Changed My Relationship With Food

It was impossible to binge — not being able to chew took away much of the enjoyment. I had to change my relationship with food. Read...
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Connecting to your own self is paramount to connecting to the practice, (image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart)

BBA 2.0: The Self Check-In

Resistance to diving in deeper is normal, and it’s also totally okay. It's important to stop everything, lay down, breathe and do a self check-in. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
Caring for someone with an eating disorder can be incredibly stressful, so it's also vital that you have your own support structuring in place.

Can You Brie There For Me?: Polyamory & My Eating Disorder

I didn't tell them there were four individuals in the rapidly sinking ship that was our polyamory relationship: myself, him, her, and my eating Read...
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Why should I feel bad about being in my 40s?

Getting Older Is Terrifying, And It’s Also The Best

Would you really rather not get older? Read...
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What's Ghee? Mariah Sharp @MightyMooseArt

The Fundamentals: Yoga And Ghee (What's Ghee?)

I told Joni to eat ghee and do yoga every morning as her first steps towards a more integrated pitta dosha, she thought that it was an odd request. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
What's my dosa type?

Beyond Before & After 2.0 Let's Get Woo: What's My Dosha Type?

Have you ever wondered why certain things work for certain people - then you try and fail hard? That's probably because your dosha is different than Read...
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Beyond Before & After
Ayurveda’s approach is simple: consider the whole person.

Beyond Before & After 2.0 Let's Get Woo: What Is Ayurveda Anyway?

What Is Ayurveda Anyway? Well, mostly it’s a journey into alternative healing. Ayurveda’s approach is simple: consider the whole person. Read...
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Beyond Before & After

I've Never Met The Nurse Who Saved My Life

The grief, pain, and misery of an illness lying in wait unsettles me — and yet, I must fight to sustain a life caught between existence and incessant Read...
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