Often I run because I’m afraid not to.

Why I Didn’t Post A Selfie After I Ran A Half Marathon

I will not be posting any victory selfies after races until I'm willing to tell the full story about my running and how I use it to aid and abet my Read...
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From Neopets To Pro-Ana Sites: Finding Community In Toxic Online Forums 

Users exchange tips about restricting food intake, and there’s a lot of “thinspiration,” a phrase for photographs of women with thigh gaps and Read...
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" By opening night, none of us could wait for our cue to get on stage and DANCE OUR BEAUTIFUL BUTT NAKED BUTTS OFF."

I Got Naked In A Room Full Of People

It was time to embrace my nightmare. So I stripped and for the hell of it hung about bare-assed in a room full of clothed people. Although I’d Read...
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How “Getting Healthy” Can Become An Eating Disorder

One day I was “healthy” and the next day I was sick — slowly and then all at once. Read...
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Beyond Before & After

Put Down The Fitbit: How Your Fitness Tracker Might Be Hurting You

A bipolar, body-positive bread enthusiast with a fucked-up ankle and a history of disordered eating chronicles health, weight-loss, and gardening Read...
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9 Disordered Eating Practices You Thought Were Normal

If you wake up and you’re thinking about dinner, and it’s not because you forgot to thaw out the pot roast, you have a problem. Read...
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I’m terrified that my daughter will end up like me. Image: Thinkstock.

I Say I'm Recovered From My Eating Disorder, But I'm Living A Lie.

[CN: ED (binge eating), orthorexia] Read...
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The thing about exercise is, it doesn't present like an illness. Neither does dramatic weight loss.

That Time My Eating Disorder Broke My Leg

The thing about exercise is, it doesn't present like an illness. Neither does dramatic weight loss. Suffering is revered. Pain is praised. The more I Read...
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