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What To Do When You Realize You Accidentally Joined A Cult ​

20 years later, it is still an experience that I am actively deconstructing. Why? Because I joined a cult. And maybe have too. If so, here’s how to Read...
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Why It's Not OK To Support Celebs Who Defend Scientology

Scientology is not just any religion. It's an actively abusive organization that blatantly uses celebrities to further its unethical practices. Read...
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Afton and Charles (Credit: Facebook)

Charles Manson Bride: Do Manipulative Murderers Deserve Love?

A 26-year-old woman is on track to marry mass murderer Charles Manson. And it's raising a lot of ethical questions. Read...
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Sex + Love

Human Barbie Banishes Food for Air and Light: We Call Intervention

When the aliens decide that Earthlings are just too damn dumb for brain harvesting, we’ll have wacko Valeria Lukyanova to thank. This 23-year-old Read...
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Life After Westboro Baptist Church: An Ex-Member Tells All

Lauren Drain, ex-member of the controversial cult-like church Westboro Baptist, sits down for an interview with Marie Claire where she Read...