Dressing Oscar in Barbie Clothes? Stolen Statues? An Oscar Love Curse? 10 Weird and Wonderful Facts About the Academy Awards

Continuing the buildup to the Oscars, check out these 10 little-known facts about the Oscars. What terms do recipients have to agree to in order to Read...
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Our Prayers Answered! Jean Claude Van Damme Does the Splits in Space

Jean Claude Van Damme! Splits! Space! Read...
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Seth Rogen Gets Serious About Alzheimer's (And We Fell in Love!)

Funny man Seth Rogen got serious (well, mostly) in front of Congress yesterday to show his support for the increase of Alzheimer's research Read...
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A History of Condoms: Intestines and Latex and Dioramas OH MY!

What do goat intestines, linen, and latex have in common? They’ve all been used to make condoms! And actually? It turns out that condoms have a Read...
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Inflatable Twerking Gal Puts Humans to Shame!

Ah, the glory of the twerk. Dirtier than the Tootsie Roll and sassier than the Read...
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Justin Bieber DUI Video: More Proof He Sucks (And So Do We)

Media outlets have gotten their hands on a "scandalous" video of the Biebs failing a DUI walking test. Now they want footage of him peeing in a cup. Read...
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Watch What Happens When You Try To Be Beyonce

You know how it goes, girl. You wore your favorite shoes, you've had your pineapple margarita, the hips start swaying... and then your song comes on Read...
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Paul Rudd Takes on Queen in Lip-Syncing Brilliance

We think it’s important to get a periodical dose of Queen in your life—theatrical rock does a body good. Here Paul Rudd delivers his own Read...
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