Ultimate Frisbee Could Be The Next Olympic Sport

I am pretty sure that I am the least athletic person in the world. A newborn baby could beat me at thumb wrestling. Even with my lack of athletic prowess, I was happy to read (that's what I do instead) that Ultimate Frisbee has a chance at becoming the next Olympic sport. Not only is Ultimate cool as hell, it is also a great opportunity for gender equity on the field. Some teams at the club and professional level are coed.

Ultimate Frisbee is also unique in its promotion of self-refereed games. Players make their own calls, all under the ultimate law to keep the "Spirit of the Game," whatever that is. It sounds like an Indiana Jones movie. It also sounds like a potential bump in the road when faced with the ultra-regulated, heavily scrutinized gameplay the Olympics have always employed.

How will this counterculture sport find a way to keep its spirit in the Olympics? For now, it remains a mystery, but I'm sure those weirdos will figure it out. They made a legitimate sport out of playing catch with a used pie tin. They can do just about anything.

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