CGI Philip Seymour Hoffman, You're Nothing Like the Real Thing

When Philip Seymour Hoffman tragically passed away, it put the filming of The Hunger Read...
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Hoping to Sleep Alone this Valentine's Day? Give Your Sweetie One of these Creepy-Weird Cards

If you’re grossed out by corporate Valentine’s sentiment these days, just wait til you get a load of Read...
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What the F*ck? California Cop Arrests Firefighter Mid-Rescue

Here's something you don't see every day: a California Highway Patrol officer arresting a firefighter (fret not: no donuts were
Giana Ciapponi    |   02.6.14   |   SHARE

Weird Toilets and Missing Floors: Journalists Tweet from Sochi Hotel Rooms

In the lead-up to the Sochi Olympics, there’s been a lot of press about the Read...
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Benedict Cumberbatch Goes on Sesame Street, Blows Minds

If you’re a Benedict Cumberbatch fan and you have small children (or if you’re just into Sesame Street counting clips) this is the video for you!   Read...
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Pussy Riot + Stephen Colbert = More Please!

Last night, Stephen Colbert met his match in sheer awesomeness when members of feminist punk band Pussy Riot, just released from a fiercely Read...
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Heroin, Painkillers, Booze? Nope...the Internet. China Sends its Technology-Addicted Youth to Rehab

As someone who is on public transit in a major U.S. city on a daily basis, there is no denying that non-stop internet usage has become an epidemic in Read...
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Last Night a (Baby) DJ Saved My Life

If Millennials were the guinea pig generation for all things mobile, online, and “i,” that means the new generation of Smartphone Babies will be the Read...
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