Usborne And The Most Ridiculously Sexist Book Ever

Growing Up for Boys by Alex Firth, from Usborne

Growing Up for Boys by Alex Firth, from Usborne

Today in, What In The Fresh Hell Is This: Usborne, publisher of books for CHILDREN, wants boys to know just what boobs are for.

Feeding babies.

AND making women look grown-up and attractive for boys. 


That's exactly what my boobs do. Really glad you could clear that up for every adolescent boy in the world who didn't already know that boobs were for making girls pretty to look at.

Yes, that is an actual page from an actual book.

The book, Growing Up for Boys by Alex Frith, is described as a “frank and friendly book offering boys advice on what to expect from puberty and how to stay happy and confident as they go through physical, psychological and emotional changes”. According to Usborne, it “covers a range of topics, including moods and feelings, what happens to girls, diet, exercise, body image, sex and relationships, self-confidence, alcohol and drugs”.

It also covers sexism, misogyny, and patriarchal bullshit.

Man vs. Pink, Simon Ragoonanan, was kind enough to share this piece of classic American literature on Twitter:

The good news is that Usborne has apologized for the oversight (?) and has announced that they will revise the book.

The bad news is that this was ever written in the first place. 

The other good news is that SEXISM ISN'T DEAD!

Oh wait, that's not good news. That's actually just more bad news.

It's also not surprising. No, in fact, I'd say this is pretty much what we'd expect from a culture where the president of the United States thinks it's fine to grab women by the pussy

The actual good news is, while boobs might be for men, fingers are for typing articles about how ridiculous it is for boobs to be for men. 

And feet are for kicking Adam Frith in the shins. 


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