It's Been Two Years Since Someone Shot Cecil The Lion; Now His Son Is Dead, Too

Xanda, Cecil's son.

Xanda, Cecil's son.

Today in, Why Are People So Selfish: Another game hunter shoots another lion. 

In 2015, it was Minnesota dentist, Walter Selfish Jerk Palmer, shooting 12-year-old lion, named Cecil. Sometimes millionaires think they can do anything. This guy paid just under $60,000 to shoot an animal who was just minding his own damn business in a park in Zimbabwe.

Sixty thousand. 

What else could Walter have done with $60,000?

But hey, a lion's head sounds like so much fun. 

What even is big game hunting? Is following an animal around, eventually shooting it with a rifle or arrow (as Cecil was shot) a sport?


You know what's a sport? Putting the unarmed hunter out on the plains with the lion. 

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Wild animals are not meant to be hunted. You can argue against that, but what reason could there ever be to shoot a lion?

Starvation. That's about it. 

Cecil's son Xanda has met the same fate as his father.  Another day, another entitled person. Xanda was 6 years old, which makes him just over the age of being legally shot. 

According to the Daily Telegraph, the man leading the shooting expedition, named as Richard Cooke from RC Safaris, found the tag on Xanda's collar and handed it to researchers who say It IS legal to shoot a lion. 

After Cecil's death in 2015, lions gained the protection of the U.S. Endangered Species Act. This makes U.S. hunters who shoot a lion in violation of the law. The killer (yeah, I'm not calling that hunting) hasn't yet been revealed but it's likely someone from North America or the UK.

Let's watch video of Cecil and his pride.

Xandar leaves behind several young cubs. 

And if that sounds like an obituary, that's because it is. 

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