Has Marijuana Really Become Stronger Over Time?

Raise your spliff if you've ever heard this line: "Be careful! Pot is more potent now than it was in my day!" (Typically paired with judgy eyes and an annoying smirk.) But though it is indeed widely believed that weed is stronger today than it was 30 years ago, there's some evidence that this isn't the case. 

It should come as no surprise that marijuana strain-testing methods have changed over the years. As Vocativ reports, the old method (known as gas chromatography, for all you science nerds in the house) is an improper way to determine THC levels. THC—the active ingredient that provides that "but, what if I see red differently than you?" vibe—is altered when this method of study is employed. As a result, a lot of the data we have on pot potency is of dubious (dooby-ous?) merit.

This doesn't necessarily mean weed hasn't gotten stronger, though. After all, it stands to reason that consumers would demand a more potent product over time, and with the industry primarily operating underground (until recent years), dealers have had to up their game to stay competitive.

Then again, who knows? 

If you need us we'll be conducting, uh, further research . . .

Image: Pssssh, you kids have it so easy. Credit: Thinkstock

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