Use Uber? Your Info Might Be For Sale On The Dark Web

Another day, another Uber scandal—except this time, it might not be the notoriously controversial company's fault. 

At least two vendors (Courvoisier and ThinkingForward) on the Dark Web are reportedly selling Uber login information. With this, buyers may access and ride for free. Dark Web merchants claim they have access to thousands of accounts—and, supposedly, over 100 have already been sold. At $1 to $5 a pop, thieves could drive across counties for less than a two-block cab fare.

How big of a problem is this, really? Uber spokesperson Trina Smith claims the company has found no evidence of swindling. They did, however, notify authorities in case the theft is true. 

For now, consider this yet another reminder to select strong usernames and passwords. You never know what online criminals will think of next . . .

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