13 Great Plus-Size Outfits For A Netflix Binge

image credit Jes Baker via Instagram

image credit Jes Baker via Instagram

The modern pressures of a working person, especially a working woman, femme, or non-binary person can be stressful as hell. You work all week, do the emotional labor of a superhero, many balance a family of little ones and still manage to keep going on the weekends performing one’s femininity with your hair done, face beat, and feet stuffed into god knows what kind of torture devices we call shoes.

Something’s gotta give.

Instead of going out, why not take the weekend off from everything and stay in? Meet your babe for “Netflix and Chill,” but actually chill. Order a pizza in and veg out with your favorite streaming choices and just allow your mind to immerse itself in the story line. Take a much needed mental vacation as winter still plugs along and grey skies tell you to stay warm and dry.

Aside from the seasonal funk, one of the toughest fashion challenges can be to find the perfect balance between cozy casual and being fully made up, “on,” and ready to go out. For some, it is one of the other. But there’s a way to find balance and come up with the perfect casual outfit and still look put together, no matter your size or budget.

You can still meet your needs and keep it cute.

Whether you’re looking to go over to your babe’s place for a dinner date, spend the day in cozy loungewear on the couch or in bed, or spend the night celebrating friendship and feminine bonds with your bestie, there’s an outfit for all of it. Check out these laid back looks for a bit of inspiration.

1. Jes Baker (@themilitantbaker)

Take the day or night off - you’ve earned it. Celebrate yourself and give haters the finger in this great graphic t-shirt and shorts for total comfort

2. Bianca G (@curvaceouslybee)

Keep it cozy and sexy with this athletic-inspired oversized hoodie dress and sexy shoes. Whether snuggled up on the couch or going out to see the latest box office hit, treat yourself to maximum coziness in this adorable outfit.

3. Amanda Allison (@amanda_allison)

After a long day at the fair, make your comfy t-shirt dress do double-time as you chill out and catch up on your favorite series. Bonus if you brought home extra cotton candy!

4. Jessy Parr (@modachrome)


monochromatic photo: @kristinamoto outfit: @rue21official

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Stylishly put off adulting for the day in this beautiful smokey amethyst set. Take a bit of time to decompress and let your mind play with a little mental vacation. “I like to marathon Gilmore Girls, Black Mirror and Forensic Files. Totally different genres!” Parr tells Ravishly.

5. Darlene (@suitsheelscurves)

Sometimes you just find the ultimate comfort piece that puts a smile on your face every time you wear it. Let this long-line cardigan be the stand-in for your fuzzy pj’s.

6. Ashleigh Elizabeth (@ashleighelizabethc)

Gorgeous plus-size model Ashleigh Elizabeth rocks an amazingly comfortable cotton set, perfect for a day of relaxing and indulging.

7. Corissa Enneking (@fatgirlflow)

Looking at the beautiful, hazy, morning sun-soaked images on Corissa’s blog you can totally tell that she is the Queen of Comfort and owning your desires. Follow her lead with a statement tee and a day in bed chilling out with your favorite escape and then seize the day tomorrow with your energy boost from a day of you doing you.

8. Marcy Cruz (@fearlesslyjustme)


If you told me 10 years ago how much my life would change and all the stuff I would go through, I wouldn't have believed it. See, there was a time in my life where I was just existing and didn't know my worth. It took suffering so much loss in my life such as my dad and brother passing away within 3 yrs of each other, my then boyfriend leaving me for another woman, me being laid off from my job of 7 years and losing my apartment, for me to turn my life around. There were times I thought I wouldn't make it but I DID. It's okay to have bad days as long as you don't give up and you're kind to yourself. Now I look forward to what's to come and walk with an extra pep in my step because I know I can do anything i set my mind to! I still have bad days but I don't let them dictate my journey. #fearlesslyjustme @bettyerainwaterphotography / Duster & Tank Dress: @jillalexanderdesigns / Jeans: @torridfashion

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Ever own that one piece of clothing that just makes you feel completely comfortable and at home? This oversize cardigan can be just that piece. Snuggle into soft, chunky knits as you settle into your marathon with a comforting cup of tea.

9. Melissa Ambrose (@gossipmerl2211)

Dinner at your babe’s house and a movie? This easy-to-wear tunic can be perfect for any occasion with the right accessories. Toss it over leggings for total comfort while still looking completely put together. Take the same look to the office with loafers instead of sandals.

10. Lucia (@ucantwearthat)

Comfort is king (or queen) with this grey tunic and legging combo. Be it a day inside watching movies in the comfort of your own home, comfy at the movie theatre, or spending a casual afternoon with friends this combo can be your new bestie.

11. Ashley Marie (@glamghoul)

Have a lady date with your bestie in this super comfy halter and mini-skirt combo perfect for a day of fun and a night of unwinding with your favorite best friend duos. Think Leslie and Ann in “Parks and Rec,” Khadijah and Max on “Living Single,” Abbi and Iliana in “Broad City” or Cristina and Meredith in “Grey’s Anatomy.”

12. Vana Black (@vanablack)

Quite literally the PERFECT outfit to binge watch your favorite petty reality show. Whether you secretly (or not so secretly) love (or hate) the Kardashians, cheering for your favorite on Love & Hip-Hop, or hate-watching The Bachelor, “PETTY” says it all in its bold, unapologetic glory.

13. Chelsey Bridges (@fatgirl_laughing)

Snuggle up in an ultra comfy hoodie dress or tunic and burrow under a fuzzy blanket with your favorite friend or partner. The hood becomes utilitarian if you’re marathoning horror flicks or spooky sci-fi!


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