Newsflash: J Law Eats!

Just how rare is it for a female celeb to profess her love for food?

When it recently came out that Jennifer Lawrence loved to eat Doritos during the filming of American Hustle, the news was treated as a major happening. Granted, anything involving girl-of-the-moment Lawrence is inflated to a certain extent, but it seems there’s more to the hubbub than mere J-Law infatuation.

Indeed, anytime a woman announces she eats something other than tofu, the press reacts with bizarre fervor.

Consider that when Blake Lively recently talked about loving chocolate, it too was treated as "news," and was splashed all across celebrity sites. The story even prompted HuffPo to produce an entire slideshow devoted to female celebs who don't diet.

I don’t need to point out that men eating is never treated as a newsworthy topic (“Exclusive: Ryan Gosling eats Bon-Bons!” will probably never happen). That’s because, of course, maintaining a svelte figure is far less important, socially speaking, for males than it is for females.

But it’s likely also because of the dysfunctional relationship women have with female stars: We hate them for their perfection while seeking that perfection for ourselves. When a beautiful celeb announces that, like us, sometimes she just can’t stop hoarding those Cool Ranch chips, it abets both aspects of that relationship: It knocks her down a peg and makes us feel closer to her.  

So I say, you eat those Doritos, J Law. We ladies who like to eat thank you.


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