Life After Westboro Baptist Church: An Ex-Member Tells All

Lauren Drain, ex-member of the controversial cult-like church Westboro Baptist, sits down for an interview with Marie Claire where she describes what life was like after her father moved the family to Topeka, Kansas.  Drain says her father was attracted to the church's ideolologies and agreed with its anti-America and homophobic teachings.  The church believes that everyone on earth, except its members, are going to hell.  They are particularly critical of the military and homosexuals.  For the 7 years she was part of the cult, she picketed every single day, 3 times a day.  She was even forced to picket her own high school graduation while wearing a cap and gown. Lauren recalls the only time that she felt ashamed for picketing was during the funerals for five murdered Amish school children.  After a year of being part of the church, Lauren began questioning its views and was labeled as a “troublemaker” before being kicked out.

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