Joel Osteen Receives A Twitter-Lashing After Shutting The Doors Of His Church To Flood Victims

Joel Osteen's "house"

Joel Osteen's "house"

Hurricane Harvey will undoubtedly be remembered as the costliest natural disaster in American history.

At last estimate, damages are up to $160 BILLION dollars. Thirty lives have been lost.

If there has ever been a time to band together to help those in need, this is it.

I mean, unless you're Joel Osteen. If you're Joel Osteen, now is the time to shut your church's doors and hide away in your $10 million mansion. With a church seating over 16,000, and the love of Christ being what it is, you'd think he'd open it willingly. Alas, no. 

Rather than open the church to flood victims, Joel told folks to rely on faith. 

OH SURE. Faith is definitely going to shelter displaced families, Joel. 

To be fair to Joel, he has since opened the doors and said they've always been open, so maybe there is some kind of bizarre misunderstanding. 

Kind of like reading the Old Testament and thinking we should stone gay people but let dudes beat their wives. 


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Anyway, Twitter never disappoints. While the flood is a terrible tragedy, these tweets are not:

And on the 7th day, the Lord said, "DON'T LET THEM INSIDE, JOEL."

Clearly, this Christian preacher could learn a thing or two from the teachings of Islam.

I mean, that is a REALLY big house. Maybe he could let some people in there?

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