19 Surgeries and Murdered Chihuahuas: How Far Will Super-Fans Take Their Celeb Obsessions?

When Michael Jackson died, most people were sad. But most people didn't turn that sadness into a lawsuit for emotional grievance because, you know, him dying was the saddest thing to ever happen ever, the world is over as we know it and oh. my. god. why even liiiive??!!??

Well, that's precisely what five super-obsessed members of the Michael Jackson Community did. They spent two years of their lives (!) trying to get renumeration from Dr. Conrad Murray, the guy held responsible for MJ's death. And guess what? They just won...a grand total of 87 pence each, or the equivalent of $1.47. So I guess they only kind of won? But still!

This got us thinking: What other insane lengths have fans gone to show how much they love their chosen ones? Turns out really, insanely, frighteningly far. Here's a roundup. Prepare to be disturbed.

1) Getting surgery

A baby trying to fly like Superman is cute. A man getting 19 surgeries over the course of 16 years to look like Superman is scary (if weirdly impressive). Actually, there are many cases of fans going under the knife to look more like their chosen demi-gods. Do you remember that apocalyptically scary MTV show I Want A Famous Face, in which people tried to look like their fave stars and parents even signed off on their children getting surgery? Yeah, we tried to block it out of our memory, too. But it happened, you guys. It happened.

2) Getting tattoos

Lots of people have tattooed their idols on their bodies (Wow. Just wow). But this guy took it one step further by getting 15 tattoos...of Miley Cyrus? Erm, ok, buddy.

3) Killing a pet

Hottie McHotterson boy band One Direction has a lot of crazed fans (so dreamy! so talented! oooh!) Yet only one (that we know of) killed her pet chihuahua when the band didn't answer her tweet. Oh wait, turns out this was an insane hoax. Still, pretending to kill a pet chihuahua to get One Direction's attention is pretty damn bats*hit crazy, too.

Consider these a cautionary tale. And please, whatever you do, don't watch I Want A Famous Face (shudder).

Image: commons.wikimedia.org




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