Meanwhile, In Russia, Teen Girls Twerk To Winnie The Pooh

Few things on this great planet are as glorious as watching adults freak out about corrupted youth. Turns out this is especially true when the freaking out happens in Russia, and involves Winnie The Pooh and twerking.

At the Kredo dance school in the Orenburg region of Russia, a choreographer created a dance set to a remix of a song from Winnie The Pooh (referred to by a Moscow news outlet as a "Soviet-era animation film"). The problem? Said dance involved the dancers—all of whom look to be between 16 and 17—twerking onstage like something out of a Miley Cyrus-led bootcamp. Then, GASP, the young ladies ripped off their itsy-bitsy skirts and danced in orange and black striped leotards. Naturally, there was also someone in a bear-dog hybrid costume.

Not surprisingly, the video of this madness has over 10 million views. Also not surprisingly, the Russian government is furious. An actual investigation took place to determine if the girls participated in "signs of indecency." Worse yet, officials raised concern about Western culture tainting the precious minds of Russia's youth. Alas! Besides the booty-bumping, officials were also concerned that the stripes resembled St. George ribbons—which are worn as a patriotic reminder of Nazi Germany's defeat in WWII. 

As of now, Kredo is suspended, and may be closed in the future. Meanwhile, Russia is continuing to flip out, with investigators checking into other schools as well. 

Once again, we're reminded of a salient lesson: Never twerk to a Winnie The Pooh song in Russia.

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