SXSW Presents: Nipple, the New (Useless, Yucky) Little Black Book

Do you keep a little black book of all the people you bang? I sure don't. Thanks to new app Nipple, presented at SXSW yesterday, I might have to start.

Just kidding.

Welcome to another weird sex tracking app. Although ultra new, Nipple promises to help you keep track of:

-Who you bang
-When you banged
-What you did (was it a slippery oral?  Lube-less anal? Record it!)
-How it was
-Any other lasting memories

So far it sounds fine — weird, but fine. But is it really? Jezebel noted that its promotional poster is wicked offensive.

"Free beers will increase your chances to have sex, but won't help you remember it."

Barf. Like, everywhere.

Okay, I'll give them a second chance with marketing. Honestly, what's the point of remembering details of every sexual encounter you have? Posterity? Telling your grandkids? Just in case you get alzheimer's? Or is it just a bastardized trophy/notch in your damn bedpost. Pretty sure you owe it to the Universe (and your spank bank) to be creative and not revel in the past.

Image: my "little" black book. Courtesy of Sibe Kokke, Flickr

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