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Sex that isn't consensual is not consensual, whether your married or not.

Is It Sexual Assault If You're Married?

It never felt like sexual assault, him taking the sex I didn’t offer. It felt more like a silent agreement. I surrendered to sex; he didn’t complain. Read...
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Vagina-bearers wrongly assume that orgasms are limited to the clitoris and G spot. But there are so, so, many more.

Excuse Me, But Women Can Have 12 Different Orgasms

We now know women can have 12 different types of orgasms. Read...
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Spend most of your money on travel. Image: Andrew Phillips/Unsplash.

20 Non-BS Life Lessons I Learned By Age 30

Now that I’ve turned 30 (and wear caftans) I’m done reading vapid click-bait offering prosaic advice. This is not one of those articles. Read...
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Dear Politicians: Please Stop Spreading Lies About AIDS

Republican house candidate Bob Frey is seriously misinformed about AIDS. Let's get to the truth, shall we? Read...
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SXSW Presents: Nipple, the New (Useless, Yucky) Little Black Book

Do you keep a little black book of all the people you bang? I sure don't, but now I might start. Read...
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Hey Internet, What's Your Butt Missing? Putin.

In the name of all that is Oscar Wilde, will you take a moment to admire the Read...
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