How Do You Know If Ya Wannabe a Mama?!

It’s so inevitable it may as well be Newton’s Law of Conversational Motion; a group of women will always talk about motherhood. Always.

Among young women, there is much confusion, must mystery and thus—a steady stream of heady questions— about motherhood. When is the right time when you justknow? And how do you quantify that? Some simply can’t tolerate the word “baby,” while others find themselves contemplating the risks of kidnapping their niece, nephews or that cheeky little brat in line next to them. If I get pregnant will I be sacrificing freeodm as I know it?!

In short, what's it all about Alfie? We wish we could give you some simple answer, but—truth be told—it’s different for every woman. Knowing this, we reached out to our luscious lady tribes to get some perspective.

For some women, it’s all about maturing:

“I knew I wanted to be a mom and knew I COULD be a mom when I could smell poop without gagging and when I became unselfish and I knew I could love someone more than I could love myself . . . and then when I got him and he screamed, I thought, I need earplugs. We are good.” – Gina

On the other hand, being a mother inspires some women to grow up:

“I was just 17 when I got pregnant. I was way too young and very irresponsible. I was in a rebel phase . . . getting pregnant was the biggest blessing. I was headed down a dark road and my daughter helped me find my way back to the light. I have a very big complex about how I used to be and it keeps me from ever doing bad things again. Being a mom saved my life.” – Amanda 

Motherhood is a lifelong desire for others:

“Is it weird that I've ALWAYS known I wanted to be a mom? I was always a little nurturer and little mommy to baby cousins or friends who had baby siblings. Growing up I would beg my mom to have another baby so I could take care of it.” - Tammy

. . . but some realize it a bit later:

“I never specifically wanted to be a mother, until my first ultrasound. I was about 16 weeks thinking I was more like 10 . . . my unborn son was sucking his thumb . . . right there in front of my eyes. Mind. Blown.” – Meri

And even later still:

“It didn't really hit me that I wanted to be a mom until I held my son for the first time and it was love at first sight . . . I knew I wanted to take care of him for the rest of my life.” – Stacy

And not surprisingly, many attribute the desire to finding the right partner:

“I never wanted kids. I only wanted dogs, until I met my husband. I wanted to carry his seed IMMEDIATELY, not knowing our lives would turn out the way it did (very happily married 11, 13 years together). I knew he was mine for life and I wanted to BREED, from two dates.” – Sarah

Feeling stressed about conflicting motherhood desires? Don’t. Not only is every woman unique in her future family planning, but rejoice! you also have a larger conceiving window than scientists previously take a baby fever breather. It’s natural to think about it, but don’t assume you’re weird for feeling one way or another.

Until then, dance to the ticking of your biological clock, ala Ally McBeal, and do what feels right. You may not even know what's "right" at the moment!

Image: This could be you. Or, not you. Courtesy of Wikimedia

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