Throwback Thursday: Charlie the Unicorn Reminds Us How Satisfying a Viral Video Can Be

Candy Mountain Charliiiiie.

Candy Mountain!

Ahhh, remember the glorious old days of creative YouTube videos? Back in 2006, people finally learned that anyone can be a filmmaker and the internet exploded with awesome amateur films. The best of all? Charlie the Unicorn.

It's stupidly simple: two upbeat unicorns lead Charlie the unicorn, the Eeyore of the group, on an "advennnture" to find Candy Mountain. 

Does Candy Mountain exist?

Better yet, what lies inside Candy Mountain?

Take a step back in time and appreciate the silly video that inspired three (lame) sequels, clothes, cups and emminently repeatable one-liners like:

"Shun the nonbeliever."

"It's a leopluradon, Charlie."

"An adventure, Charlie!"

"A maaaaagiiiical bridge!"

Come on. You know you want to. As Salon noted, "we often feel like Charlie the Unicorn."

Image: courtesy of Geoff Swanson, YouTube

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