Weird+Wonderful+WTF: Spike Lee Goes On Another Glorious Gentrification Rant! Firefighter Recues Python! Guy Sends Private Parts Photo with Resume!

Spike Lee Writes Fired-Up Letter About Gentrification to New York Times
When Spike Lee recently went on a tirade about New York gentrification, it sparked new debate about this ever-complex and touchy issue. But as it turns out, that just was the beginning.The New York Times' venerable film critic, A.O. Scott, subsequently chastised Lee for throwing rocks from his "glass brownstone" (ouch!), which has prompted the director to fire back with an angry letter that fuses insightful commentary about race relations with plenty of spirited tangents involving Jay Z, Brazilian sayings and more. It's obviously amazing.

Whose side are you on? Debate!

Copenhagen Zoo Pisses More People Off by Killing Lions
The Copenhagen Zoo, which first outraged animal rights activists with the public slaughtering of a giraffe last February, has further cemented its status as "Animal Lover Enemy No. 1" with its decision to euthanize four lions. While the uproar is understandable, it's important to note that the decision was based on enhanced breeding, and that the deceased lions will be used for research.

Still, though—killing lions, those adorable singing creatures of the jungle? Not cool, zoo. Or should we say, nicht gut.

Firefighter Rescues Python (Because You Need More Weird Animal News)
We know, we know: dead lions are way sad. In an effort to provide balanced reporting, here's some uplifting strange animal news: a firefighter in Michigan has rescued a 6-foot-long python from a fire! Apparently, the heroic gent used to showcase snakes in high school, so he knew just what to do. Which just goes to show that you never know when those snake-handling skills will come in handy...(I told you circus school was gonna pay off!)

Man Sends Photo of Private Parts to Potential Employer (And It Doesn't Go Over Well)
Are you a man looking to stand out from a sea of applicants to snag a new job? Then why not send along a photo of your man parts to employers? This is just what an enterprising/creepy guy in Dallas did, and while it did successfully made him stand out from the crowd, it also got him charged with a misdemeanor. But hey, the market's tough...whatever it takes!

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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