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Ravishly’s Official Position On The Conversation Around Body Image And Body Positivity 

We are always evolving and learning because we believe that’s the best way to live. Read...
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On Politics, Sadness, And Kittens: A Letter From The Editor

My Dear Ravishers, The world is a shitshow. No, seriously. Our upcoming presidential election has become a source of stress and anxiety for America, Read...
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Today We Say Goodbye: A Letter To My Uterus

Our relationship has been a little complicated. I've loved you a lot, and I've loathed you at least that much, but mostly you've just gone unnoticed Read...
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I’m proud of you right now, even with all the sadness. Image: Thinkstock.

A Letter To A Mom Friend Heading To Rehab

I’m proud of you right now, even with all the sadness. Proud of you for heading to rehab, leaving the kids, the man, the house — all of it — to get Read...
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I didn’t understand how serious you were until they told me. Now I know that my life will never be the same. Image: Stock.io/Andrew Weber

An Open Letter To My Bipolar Disorder

You were on the back burner — I thought you were Type 2, manageable, no big deal — which goes to show just how deeply I’d slid into denial. But there Read...
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16-year-old, 500-pound me. Image: supplied.

5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 500-Pound Past Self

One of the most dangerous aspects of positive change is our tendency to demonize the people we’ve been. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t lain Read...
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Dear Joan: An Apology From A Feminist Mad Men Fan

You are smart, Joan, and you have talents—you just haven’t been allowed to find out what they are. Read...
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Wells Fargo Employee Sends Income Inequality Email To CEO—And 200,000 Employees

To fight the injustice of inequitable compensation at one of the world's largest corporations, Tyrel Oates took matters into his own hands. Read...
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