Behold the Ugly Sandal, A.K.A. The Shoe You’ll Be Wearing All Summer Long

Another season, another ugly shoe.

Last year, it was the wedge sneaker by French designer Isabel Marant. Resembling a Mini Cooper crossed with a moon boot, the wedge was first spotted on early-adapters like Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr during the summer of 2012. Then Beyoncé was photographed wearing them and the world exploded. Brands like Nike, Reebok, even Marc by Marc Jacobs instantly knocked them off, and fashion-slaves rushed to jump on the trend bandwagon.

Marant has recently renounced the wedge sneaker, but has struck gold with the ugly shoe yet again. This time it’s her Holden sandal from her most recent spring 2014 collection. Think of it as a $500 pool slide, with quilted crossover leather straps and a lambskin footbed that molds to your foot over time (oh the feel of luxury).

The sandals are already sold out in most department stores—but don’t worry, guys!—they can be purchased on Ebay for $200 more than their retail price (we’ll let you get right on that). Call it normcore, call it a full-throttle revolt against last summer’s barely-there ankle strap sandals (poor pregnant Kim Kardashian), call it ugly as hell. Whatever you call it, it’s the shoe for summer 2014.

May we recommend a more budget friendly option so that all can enjoy this trend? Birkenstocks, which were worn non-ironically by a brave few last summer (myself included), are back in their full hippy glory this year, and are available in a rainbow of colors and textures. Go for the white, the silver or perhaps the patent for a glam Northampton look (that's MA, not NY). 

Our favorite childhood ugly active-sandal hybrid, the Teva, is also making a comeback. The brand just announced a unisex collaboration with Opening Ceremony due out this May, so pick a pair up while they’re still $40. Allow yourself to bask in this ugly (read: comfortable) shoe trend while it lasts. White tube socks are optional. 

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