Floyd Mayweather Just Made In a Second What a Person on Minimum Wage Makes in a Year

If only I'd ditched writing to take up boxing . . .

On Sunday night, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, Jr. took down Marcos Maidana during a ballyhooed fight that lasted precisely 36 minutes and earned him—wait for it!—$32 million.

If you're wondering what that breaks down to, Mayweather himself handily took to Instagram to boast about his princely earnings. Drumroll please...

Just to provide a little perspective, we recently wrote about how a person working full-time on our current minimum wage, which the GOP steadfastly refuses to raise, makes barely over $15,000 a year. Aka, essentially the same as Mayweather's per-second rate.

I'm not necessarily saying that we should slam Mayweather for making so much money. He wouldn't be earning that if he didn't deliver big in ad money, and his braggadocio is part of a well-crafted image. But let's take a moment to marvel at the fact that a man pummeling another in a gladiatorial ring makes more in a single second than an individual clocking in for ball-busting minimum-wage work all day, every day for an entire year.

Well, now...ain't that America.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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