Watch: Disney's Cinderella Trailer is a Real Tease

As we get older, cynicism creeps in and, suddenly, the world around us appears less sparkly and beautiful than it did when we were children. But something about Disney movies rarely fails to evoke that long-lost feeling of magic and wonder. Especially (sexist plot be damned!) the original Cinderella.

Well ladies, today is your lucky day, because Disney has released the teaser trailer for its long-awaited live action Cinderella movie. What will it show us? We can almost taste the magic!

Except . . . it's actually just a sparkly shoe spinning around. Oh, and a butterfly lands on it at some point. WTF? We want more! And, side note, why can't we have a princess movie trailer that doesn't focus exclusively on shimmery shoes and fluttering butterflies?

That said, the trailer is strangely mesmerizing. What can we say? Nostalgia for that legendarily uncomfortable glass slipper runs deep.

Check it out yourself and see just how tease-y this tease trailer is.

Image: Disney Movie Trailer's YouTube channel

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