Disney can be exhausting if you don’t enter the parks with a plan.

7 Ways To Make It Through A Disney Trip Without Wanting To Leave Your Family

Disney can be exhausting if you don’t enter the parks with a plan, use your Fast Passes strategically, and always know where they nearest Starbucks is.

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These Plus-Size Disney Bounders Will Light Up Your Day

Disneybounding is adults dressing up in “street clothes” which are reflective of their character of choice. Here plus-size Disney bounders you'll adore!

Bills or principles? Sometimes the choice isn't easy (Image Credit: Think Stock)

A Reluctant Disney Princess: Cinderella AND A Feminist?

It's totally cool to be a feminine lady, but that doesn't mean the message of Disney Princess culture is harm-free. Christine Stoddard shares her story of doing the job of playing princess for children's birthday parties, and what it taught her about sharing Feminism with all ages.

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#GiveElsaAGirlfriend Pushes For LGBTQ Representation From Disney

Disney is a pretty LGBTQ-friendly company. They hire LGBTQ people, offer them good benefits, and refuse to make movies in states that don’t treat LGBTQ folks right. The only thing they haven’t done yet is make any major characters in their movies gay. There was that one scene in Frozen where Oaken (the guy with the trading post) gestured to his family and it appeared that his partner was also a guy, so that was cool. But gay princes or princesses? Not yet.

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Disney's New Danse Macabre

Are Disney's new depictions of good-guy deaths finally catching up with the complicated child psyche?


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For a cheap yet delightful laugh, enjoy two minutes of Disney characters eating it.


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Disney's sneak peek into its live-action Cinderella film is boring, sexist and strangely mesmerizing.