Watch: Montage of Falling Disney Characters is Absurdly Hilarious

As everyone knows, the best cure for the Monday blues is to laugh at a really, really stupid video. For that, we have just the thing for you: real people in Disney costumes falling down. 

I'm not sure which part of this makes me laugh the most. Perhaps . . . 

1. The visible intense desire of these people to cover their real faces after their masks fall off. What has Disney done to them?

2. The toy soldier whose costume head extends way beyond the wearer's head. Try not to gasp as that one rolls down the street. 

3. Watching Beluga try to get up. Wow, that is one bottom-heavy ensemble. 

4. The absolute impossibility that Tigger would ever hang out with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. 

5. Contemplating the fact that real adults are locked inside these cells of sweat, shame and captivity. 

Runner up enjoyable moment: the girl at the end, filming a fall with her iPad. I honestly didn't realize that people did that unironically.

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