Watch: These 5 Famous History Stories Have It All Wrong

Here’s a bit of history rectifying to start off your week. What do Viking hats, Lady Godiva, Napoleon’s stature, Roman decadence and Columbus’ ideas about the earth’s shape all have in common? They are shrouded in myth and inaccuracy.

This video by essayists and ruthless truth-finder C.G.P. Grey points out the fallacies of these so-called "facts," roasts the logic behind them and sets the record straight. The logic roast is my personal favorite, but maybe I’m just a spoil sport when it comes to romanticized visions of the past.

Come see the historical realities you’ve been missing out on—then stew in the realization that it’s unclear what, if any, of your historical knowledge is really grounded in truth. Oh, cruel world!

Image: ThinkStock


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