Image of Father Vincenzo Taraborelli from BBC News

Ever Wanted To Perform An Exorcism? Now's Your Chance!

If you are looking for a slightly spooky career change this Halloween season, I’m here to tell you that the Catholic Church is looking for a few good… exorcists.

The Autobahn, where the speed limit is just a suggestion.

The Best Part Of Traveling Is When Things Go Wrong

Obviously I’m not talking about serious travel disasters or any situation that’s dangerous or harmful, but things like missing a bus, getting hopelessly lost, or having an emotional breakdown while in line for the London Eye (been there, done that) are actually blessings in disguis

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

How One Woman Took The Lead In Papal-Ruled Rome

Marozia of Rome was probably a terrible person. But she did have chutzpah.


Watch: These 5 Famous History Stories Have It All Wrong

Maybe it’s mean-spirited to let the air out of sketchy history, but it’s also oh so satisfying.


"End of the World Plague" Remains Discovered in Egypt

The Roman Empire was starting to crumble, and this horrific epidemic kicked ‘em while they were down.


The Latest Heartbreaking Homophobia + Hypocrisy in Uganda, Italy and America

While gay rights have unarguably marched forward both societally and politically in the good 'ol US of A — Ellen DeGeneres