Our Self-Hatred Knows No Bounds: Half of Women Would Choose Make-up Over Their Boyfriend

Makeup can be tons of fun—crazy colors and new applications methods help us change our look as often as we like. Problem? Sometimes we (read: I) rely too heavily on it. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but deep down I can't fathom anyone thinking I look good sans makeup. Many women cling to their face paint with the vehemence of Linus to his blanket. This is no secret, but even we weren't prepared for the goose-bump-inducing reality of this.

The Shocking Truth

A study (conducted by fancy deodorant brand Bionsen) found that 57% of women would ditch their boyfriends before quitting makeup. (Sidenote: why the hell are boyfriends the only partners included in this study.) Granted this is a small slice of the female population in the UK (and maybe everyone's drinking Victoria Beckham Kool-aid over there ) and there are always biases. For instance, a small slice of that 57% is comprised of creative women passionate about the "art" of makeup; this is their livelihood, and there's no need to take that away from anyone. 

But, come on, how many women wouldn't be able to pay rent without their cosmetics?

Strange Logic

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals—we apply makeup to attract a mate. As we've discussed in the past, makeup mimics our post orgasm faces. Makeup makes potential partners think of sex, and inevitably they are just as drawn to our exquisite, faux O faces. Scientifically speaking, makeup is designed to attract a partner so we can pass down our blessed genes and slather makeup all over them again.

But this surfaces some odd questions . . .

This supposes you already have a partner; you've already snagged them with your sexual prowess. So at this point is the make-up about maintaining a certain aesthetic for the outside world regardless of the fact you're already paired up . . . or the fear that they'd never keep said partner without their beauteous mask?

Image: When did eyeliner application stop hurting? Courtesy of ThinkStock



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