Lauren Bacall's Impeccable Style: Our Favorite Timeless Looks

We were so sad to hear that Lauren Bacall passed away yesterday, especially on the heels of the sudden loss of Robin Williams.

We’ll miss her signature silky, shiny waves, that raspy deep voice (made even raspier by a pack of cigarettes a day) and, most importantly, her gumption. Boy, did this chick have gumption.

She was known for her body of film work, including this famous line from her first film To Have and To Have Not, which she recited to her future husband Humphrey Bogart:

You do know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and … blow.

So erotic.

Though her films made her most famous, Bacall was also known for her individualistic personal style. Girl was rocking some of today’s hottest trends decades before they were cool. We’re talking crop tops, coveralls, lamé, and of course, her signature high-waisted pants.

Best Bacall Fashion Moments

Bacall was discovered by Harper’s Bazaar Editor-in-Chief Diane Vreeland at the ripe age of 16. Here she is on her first cover. It’s fair to say she’s the chicest blood donor we’ve ever seen.

Bacall definitely got the crop top memo in this early modeling photo.

"If it's pants, it's Yves,” Bacall said of her friend Yves Saint Laurent. The actress was a muse to the designer and had a closet full of his tailored, high-waisted pants.

A silk white shirt, feminine tuxedo coveralls and Chanel. Perfection.

Both Michael Kors and Armani have both used Bacall as an inspirational reference when designing their collections over the years—the actress’ key looks have a timeless glamor that still stands up today. It’d be no surprise to see fashionistas like January Jones or Emma Stone wearing a similar chiffon halter on the red carpet tomorrow. And they’d have Bacall to thank for it. 

Images: Pinterest, Tumblr

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