Watch: Disney Princesses Video Portrays How Prince Charming Is More Like Prince Problematic

I'll be the first to admit that I can't wrap my mind around our cultural obsession with Disney princesses. Sure, the movies are steeped in nostalgia and musical wonder—but a cartoon princess fixation? Why

All the movies have questionable endings that play up marriage as the ultimate endgame. Not to mention, the princesses themselves are hormonal, ridiculously proportioned sexpot teens. And yet . . . people still can't get enough of them. So much so, that you can buy wedding dresses inspired by these ladies. You know, for grown women. 

Most disturbing of all, as critics are quick to point out, are the terrifying messages these princess escapades send. As adults, we can almost laugh at the fact that Belle falls in love with the dude who kidnaps her—except, of course, until we recall real-life things like Stockholm Syndrome . . . and that we didn't even begin to question how totally messed up this was when we gobbled these movies up as kiddos.

Do I think it's bad to idolize Disney princesses? No—as long as the fascination remains strictly a fantasy. But certain things about fiction (not just Disney movies) should never be actualized.

And as this hilarious-in-a-deeply-unsettling-way video proves, searching for Prince Charming is not at all what the cartoons make it out to be. 

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