Our FREE February Downloadables Are Here! 

Most of the time, I'm surprised when February arrives. Like, has it really been a month already?! It feels like the New Year was yesterday!

Not this year, though.

January 2017 was so. Damn. Long. There are still ELEVEN MORE of these guys to get through. It's OK, though, because at least your phone wallpaper will be adorable. Also banding together, fighting fascism, resistance, and all that other very important but much less cute stuff. But for now: CUTE THINGS.

The world needs more cute things. Here are three of them, which are yours to download and use however you please. We hope they brighten your day, your week, your month, your year. Let's face this mess head-on and armed with adorable self-care puns. Go forth, and embrace radical softness

You can download high-res versions of these images here.


A note of encouragement perfect for your desktop.

This one makes for a gorgeous phone wallpaper, and it doubles as a reminder to pause and practice some simple self-care.

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