#FurballFriday: Monkey Gets Schooled

Patience for shenanigans wears thin - beware, monkey! (Image Credit: YouTube/Animal VS)

In this week’s #FurballFriday, we get a lesson in affirmative consent from a chihuahua, who could teach us all about setting boundaries. At the outset of the video, we see a darling little monkey dressed in a cute outfit sidling up to the dog and stroking her face. The dog is being patient but using some serious doggie-side-eye to signal that the monkey better not try anything weird.

Well, monkey bro doesn’t read the body language and leans in to start nuzzling at the dog’s whiskers. The chihuahua responds… well, see for yourself!

It’s like when you’re out at the club and you’re having a nice time. Then a dude walks up and starts chatting you up a little. He’s cute and a snappy dresser, but the vibe is off somehow. So you listen for a minute while he does his thing because you don’t want to be rude.

Then he up and puts his hand on you and HELL NAW. You did not ask for Handsy McBro to get personal. You throw an elbow and get him out of your space, chihuahua-style. No one has time for that.

You’re awesome, little chihuahua. Never take crap from anyone! And Bro Monkey? You deserved that.

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