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12 Plus-Size Looks That Make Waves This Pisces Season

As we move into Pisces season, hold on to your feels! Beautiful watery colors and flowing fabrics move like rivers. Clouds of seafoam and bits of Read...
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Take The Cake: Do We Support Thin Feminists More Than Fat Feminists?

What I’ve noticed, as a fat feminist, is that self-identifying as a feminist or an activist bears a different social cost depending on your body size. Read...
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A blocked fallopian tube? Just when I thought I’d heard it all.

Wait… Blocked Fallopian Tubes Are A Thing?

A blocked fallopian tube? No wonder I wasn’t getting pregnant; hello! My eggs were floating around with no sperm to greet them. Read...
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As the fat positive podcast The Fat Lip enters its second year, I wanted to do some reflecting with the creator Ash.

Ash Of The Fat Lip Podcast Wants You To Know That Sizes Above 32 Exist

As the fat positive podcast The Fat Lip enters its second year, I wanted to do some reflecting with the creator Ash. What is The Fat Lip? Find out Read...
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11 Curve and Plus-Size #WakandaForever Inspired Looks

This week, we look to the beauty, creativity, and brilliance of this enthusiastic fandom as they declare their style and so much more with # Read...
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What It's Like Being A Sideshow Performer — On And Offstage

So the result, therefore, is a culture of “fans” considering us Sideshow Freaks — bearded ladies included — to be “neat” and “fun,” but not actually Read...
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The idea that there are foods that we “shouldn’t” eat comes from the ridiculous idea that we can’t make choices for ourselves.

5 Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat (No, Seriously)

We’ve all seen it: the advertisement lingering on the righthand side of your browser, with the words “5 Foods You Should Never Eat.” Read...
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Take The Cake: BoPo Doesn’t Talk About Fat People Loving Fat People

I thoroughly appreciate that there is a primary focus on self-love, but I also feel the painfully deep silence around the healing power of loving — Read...
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