Amy Mackelden

Amy Mackelden


Amy Mackelden is an Entertainment Writer at Bustle. She's written for xoJane, Hello Giggles, Kinkly, and New Statesman, and co-edits Clarissa Explains Fuck All. She's currently developing MS Is My Boyfriend, a theatre show about what life with multiple sclerosis is really like.     

Amy Mackelden Articles

If anything, now that a reality star is the President, surely it's more important than ever that celebrities use their platforms to achieve positive outcomes?

In Trump's America, Celebrity Political Advocacy Might Be Just What We Need

Celebrities have a platform, and regardless of whether or not they’re affected by the decisions of the country’s legislators, they’re able to speak out.

Women are currently creating solutions to powerlessness, lack of safety, anxiety, and loneliness

Technology Is The New Self-Care

Technology is allowing people to build communities that matter to them, that help keep them safe, and remove isolation. Technology is the new self-care!

You might not understand but exercise is my way of controlling my chronic illness.

Exercise Is My Way Of Controlling My Chronic Illness

Exercise is empowering for me as a disabled person, which is why I persevere. Exercise is my way of controlling my chronic illness.

We need to support the stories of women now more than ever.

Isn’t It Time We Believed The Stories Of Women?

Now, more than ever, we need to believe women — and listen to their allegations.