Carrie Wittmer

Carrie Wittmer


Carrie is a comedy writer living in Brooklyn, NY. Her favorite animal is dinosaur, and her favorite hobby is watching The Bachelor ironically until she’s had enough wine to like it genuinely. You can find some of her other work on the Internet at, Thought Catalog, and on her Medium page. In 2013, Thought Catalog published her e-book, Don’t Tell My Mom, which is very funny (for real) and available on Amazon.

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And you don't apologize for this, either.

16 Signs You’re Feminist Enough 

Feminism is so hot right now; even men are feminists, ladies. Channing Tatum is doing feminism, Jon Hamm is doing feminism...all the good ones, really. So, how do you know if you’re a feminist? And how do you know if you are feminist enough?