16 Signs You’re Feminist Enough 

And you don't apologize for this, either.

And you don't apologize for this, either.

Feminism is so hot right now. Even men are feminists, ladies. Channing Tatum is doing feminism, Jon Hamm is doing feminism...all the good ones, really, are doing feminism.

So, how do you know if you’re a feminist?

And how do you know if you are feminist enough?

After reading this, you’ll have no questions except, "What can I do to make my vagina even bigger so people know I’m a feminist from farther away?"

These are the surefire signs that you’re feminist enough:

1. You watch The Bachelor ironically.

2. You defend Lena Dunham on the Internet, like, bi-weekly.

3. You use the word like too much, and you’re not sorry about it.

4. Your Twitter feed is dedicated to getting Tina and Amy to host the Golden Globes again.

5. You don’t shave your armpits, unless you’re going to a wedding…or something.

6. You’ve been single since you were a fetus, and plan on staying that way forever, or at least for the next month.

7. You tell people you’ve read The Bell Jar. You haven’t yet, but it’s been sitting on your nightstand since late 2013, so it’s only a matter of time.

8. You have, like, three think pieces in your head about the female characters in Star Wars. You haven’t written them down yet, but that’s besides the point.

9. Pussy Power is more than a band to you.

10. You never apologize for saying sorry too much.

11. You’re a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway.

12. You wear a coat in the summer months in an attempt to avoid getting catcalled.

13. When you do get catcalled, you think about talking back for, like, a second, but ultimately just walk away and ignore it. Then you talk about the incident to everyone you see the rest of the week.

14. You’ve never told anyone this, but you're pretty sure you’re the one responsible for spreading the word about Amy Schumer.

15. Sleater-Kinney is the only music you hear.

16. You know how some people have underwear for every day of the week? You have a vibrator for every day of the week.

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