Gloria DiFulvio

Gloria DiFulvio


Gloria DiFulvio is a storyteller and writer or (mostly) creative nonfiction who views storytelling as a tool for personal and community change. A feminist, Gloria is a public health academic by day with a special interest in the role of personal narratives and health. She uses mixed media such as digital storytelling, photovoice, and documentary film to bring stories to life. She also serves as a nonfiction editor at daCuhna. When not at work or otherwise writing, she loves being outdoors, walking her Aussie, rowing, running, and generally being out in nature.  

Gloria DiFulvio Articles

I am no longer that little girl who counts the days until she leaves me.

Meeting My Friend At 10, Saying Goodbye At 50

“My friend” was ever faithful despite my hostility towards her presence. Every 28 days, like clockwork, she would arrive.