Gretchen Bossio

Gretchen Bossio


I’m an almost 30 year old wife of one, mama of three from the Pacific Northwest. I’ve lived here my whole life and sure hope I never leave. The green, the mountains, the ocean, the crisp air and yes, the rain, all make my heart sing. It was always my dream to become a homemaker and mother which means I’m absolutely honored to be serving and leading my family in this capacity. It is far from easy and I often think I’m going crazy but at the end of the day I know I’m in the right place.  Before motherhood I worked in sales and marketing in the higher education sector; while growing my career I completed my Masters in Management and Organizational Leadership. Learning is in my blood and I’ve always been a collector of information; that’s one of the big reasons I started That Mama Gretchen. Back in 2010 I was newly pregnant with Jemma and needed a place to log all the information I was gathering. This was that place and it has just evolved from there! These days our family of five is preparing to build a new home, embracing homeschool life, striving to be more resourceful with all the Lord has blessed us with, and planning for the day sleep is not such a distant memory.

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Why We Chose Homeschooling Over Two Great Charter Programs

If I were a SAHM with just my daughter, I wouldn’t question homeschooling being in my capacity. But I’m not. I’m a WAHM with three little ones. Only my oldest is school age; that leaves my days full, split in many directions, and a touch hectic. Well, more than a touch — they’re very hectic. And is hectic a good setting for learning?