Karen Becker

Karen Becker


Karen Becker is not just a Divorce Coach or Life Coach. She is a Family Coach who has spent years working with individuals and couples, one-on-one and in groups. She has helped many parents find the humor and happiness as they navigate the unpredictable job that is parenting and co-parenting. Her practice also includes helping clients rebuild their lives after a divorce. Karen has authored several books including “Co-Parenting When Your Ex Won’t” and “Mindset”.

Karen Becker Articles

You're not alone after a divorce, your support life is just going through upgrades.

5 Ways To Find Support If You Are Newly Single 

There are so many emotions that come with divorce: excitement, dread, a sense of loss. Someone newly single can easily feel overwhelmed, scared, relieved, and the list goes on and on. It's overwhelming just to consider the emotions, let alone deal with them! So where do you go to find help and support?