Katie MacBride

Katie MacBride


Katie MacBride is a writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work has appeared in The Bold Italic,The Establishment, and The Fix, among other publications. She teaches creative writing to high school students and just finished writing a young adult novel. When she is not hunched over her computer, she enjoys taking naps with her dog and baths by herself. You can find her on Twitter @msmacb and read more of her writing at www.katiemacbride.com

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Image: Raffi Asdourian

Ryan Gosling’s Twitter Followers And Why I Won’t Apologize For Wanting A Woman President

I won’t apologize for wanting a candidate who can understand what it’s like to be a woman in our political and social climate.

She doesn’t pull punches, she respects her audience's intelligence, and she’s funny as hell. Image: TBS.

Why Samantha Bee's Full Frontal  Is The New Daily Show

If I'm watching TV and I hear something that makes me think, "Oh man, I can't believe someone said that on TV — That is hilarious and on point!" you can bet your back hole I'm watching Full Frontal.

Non-fiction for the young feminist.

5 Nonfiction Books For The Feminist Teenager In Your Life

One of the greatest pleasures of my librarian life is being able to introduce teenagers to books that broaden their worldview and strengthen their sense of self. While most of the heavy lifting in this area is done by the books and how the teens respond to their content, it’s an absolute privilege and pleasure to help a young reader find the perfect book.

Feminist YA is for everyone.

5 YA Books For Any Feminist

When it comes to young adult literature, I love too much. Asking me to pick five of my favorite feminist young adult books is like asking a gardener to choose 5 of their favorite flowers.

Rachel + Katie = friends 4ever

Rachel Maddow Is My Imaginary Friend. So What?

At the ripe old age of 31, I have a very dear friend whom I admire, in whose company I simply delight, and who shares a number of the same interests as me. There’s only one catch: We’ve never actually met.

Her name is Rachel Maddow, and she is my best imaginary friend in the world.